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Everything Your Dog Will Love About Living at 616 at the Village


A dog’s life is anything but ruff here at 616 at the Village. It was our vision to create a space that you and your four-legged friend could enjoy together, hand in leash. That’s why we don’t just call our apartment community pet-friendly, but pet-adoring. In fact, you could say that we are the follow-as-many-dog-Insta-accounts-as-possible kind of people. You’ll notice it from the second you walk onto our property – our onsite management is doggie-obsessed, too. Swing by the main office to say hello, but don’t expect to leave without a good belly rub and treat for your pup! Here are a few of the other bountiful benefits of being a pet at 616 at the Village:

Your Home is Dog-Approved

Pups will appreciate all of the fur-friendly details inside your home at 616 at the Village. We know how much pets love the outdoors – they’d be rolling around in the grass all day if we let them! Your private patio or balcony is the perfect place for them to enjoy a bit of air and catch some fresh smells. Crack the door and let them come and go as you cook dinner. Our apartment homes also boast oversized windows, great for watching critters from afar when the colder months come around.

Our Community Speaks Woof

Here, your furry best friend’s options for fun are limitless. Looking to stay local but still get in a good play session? Our onsite dog park is the canine version of a coffee shop – everyone comes to hang out there! Take your pup to socialize, meet new friends, chase a ball, wag some tails, and, all just a few strides from your doorstep. Sometimes our friends have a little too much fun and bathtime comes scratching at your door. But, don’t worry about muddy paw prints in the apartment, our onsite pet spa has it handled. Wash them down, dry them off, and your pup is squeaky clean and ready for snuggles.

It’s a Great, Big World Out There

Sometimes your dog’s nose needs something new to smell. Strap on your walking shoes and take them for a stroll outside of our beautiful grounds. Go on an adventure at the Rose Garden, Jaycee Park, Fred Fletcher Park, or some of the other 50 miles of dog-friendly trails that surround our community. All that exploring can really make a pup hungry. End the day with a trip to the Woof Gang Bakery where you can pamper them with a biscuit and a new toy.

To see all of our human-friendly features, check out our Amenities page. For more ideas, tips, and tricks, check out the 616 at the Village blog. 

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